The population of the vast delta areas of Bangladesh are seriously affected by the lack of clean and safe drinking water, ignorance about hygiene and lack of sanitation. By amongst other contamination of groundwater with arsenic and pollution and salinity of the many rivers, unusable water is present in large quantities. As a result, many children die prematurely, and the average life expectancy is low.

Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation invited me to visit the small and remote village Madarbunia.

As a part of one of their clean drinking water projects. In the village deep-well pumps are placed to provide access to safe water.

Madarbunia is located on a dike, on one side the river on the other lakes, ponds and polders. Nature is breathtaking, it almost makes you forget the extreme poverty.

This series is a portrait of the village with a leading role for the villagers and the beauty of their surroundings.

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