selection of portraits

for daily newspaper Het Parool


Gaybashing victim


Fitboys. ” i had a sixpack at 15 ”


Albino activist Josephat Torner


New dutch male super models


Syrian refugee and ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh


Daan Roosegaarde


Anne Franks best friend Jaqueline van Maarssen


Parween Althino, One of the few Yezidi girls who managed to escape from captivity ISIS.


One of Amsterdams 1st punkers, Bep.


Tony Tonnaer, owner KOI jeans


Rapper YungNnelg


Cuban pianist Ramon Valle


Housekeeping at the Amsterdam Waldorf Astoria was dressed by Jan Taminiau


Star dancer at Het Nationale Ballet Marijn Rademakers


90 year old, still working, general practitioner dr. van Hasselt