Open Your Eyes

“Despite the extreme poverty this village is quite amazing. Everything revolves around a dike which is the main street where one meets everybody, where everything happens. The series has become a portrait of the village in which the beauty of the inhabitants and their surroundings play a leading role”

In many african countries loving someone of the same sex is punishable. Coming out has far-reaching consequences; rejection by family and friends, loss of job and home and the risk of imprisonment. Nevertheless, some dare to show themselves .

Wrestling is the number one sport in Senegal. Champions are worshiped and treated like movie stars. Many Senegalese boys train fanatically to make their dream, becoming a famous lutteur ( wrestler ) come true. During a month I portrayed the boys from the small village Yene who gather on the beach, every day at the end of the afternoon, to train together.

Senegalese wrestlers in the garden.
Nature is beautiful.

An ode to the beauty of natural black hair.
Exibited at the Tropenmuseum as part of the Black & White exhibition. In honour of the abolition of slavery 150 years ago.
Published in Parool | PS van de Week

A celebration of male beauty.

Portraits of men using Botox and/or fillers.
For men still more of a taboo then for women.
Published in Volkskrant Magazine.

Girls participating in the 2013 International HipHop Championships for 7-14 year olds.